ENC Testing Inc

ENC Testing Inc.

...is a family owned Alberta based geotechnical testing firm formed in the spring of 1999 offering general geotechnical engineering and materials testing services. With our team of focused professionals who take pride in what they do and how they do it, combined with our passion for success, we deliver quality results in all aspects of our responsibilities. Our staff is comprised of professional engineers and technicians with extensive and varied experience.

For geotechnical investigations,

...we follow the recommendations outlined in the Canadian Foundation Engineering Manual (CFEM) for testhole frequency. We also own and operate a Geoprobe 7800 Truck Mounted Direct Push drill rig. The 7800 is one of Geoprobes most powerful and versatile rigs. Mounted on a Ford F550 4X4, it is capable of accessing many off-road locations. The MacroCore machine is equipped with a powerful GH64 hammer and we also utilize Cone Penetration Testing. MacroCore and Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) provide superior information at competitive dollars.

The main benefits

... of geotechnical investigations utilizing these technologies is a better definition of shallow and deep soil changes, fill and topsoil depth. Cone Penetration also provides continuous soil strength measurements for the testhole from the surface to termination depth, as opposed to only every 1.5m (5 feet) which is typical of conventional drilling methods. Improved information implies potentially higher bearing values, tempered by engineering judgements, while maintaining an adequate and better-known factor of safety and thus potentially reducing overall construction costs. MacroCore removes a low disturbance soil core, in 1.2m increments, from the surface to the bottom of the testhole. This allows clear definition of the soil profile.

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The services offered by ENC Testing Inc. include:

Geotechnical Investigations

ENC Testing Inc. provides pre-construction evaluations of site soils...MORE

Geotechnical Engineering and Consulting

ENC Testing provides preliminary and detailed design of the following...MORE

Field Inspection and Testing

ENC Testing’s well trained team members are available for on-site testing...MORE

Laboratory Testing

ENC Testing's state of the art laboratory facility allows us to provide..MORE

Residential Engineering

ENC Testing is able to provide a multitude of services to the residential...MORE

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